The Eurovision Song Contest, on Linux look at

The Eurovision Song Contest starts on may 29. May and in the face of a budget will certainly put the Prosecco cold. You should be able to the Event is not a TV Live Stream a TV Station be pursued, so you can definitely still on. However, you will find that the page requires a plug-in called Octoshape. The Plugin is a kind of a P2P file sharing Client that forwards the already downloaded parts of the Video stream, right back to the other viewer of the Videos.

This Plugin is also available for Linux and thus the ESC Linux. The Plugin download from the . The Download for Linux consists of an executable file. To install it you have to set just the right properly and execute it. So…

$ chmod +x 
$ ./ 

…make sure that you executes the commands in the directory where the downloaded file is located. Don’t let the name confuse you. The Plugin works on a 64-bit System.

After the Start of the Setups you have to the license is about Space-Space-Space-yes accept it. After that, you can start the Client immediately, adds no options to the command, then Adobe Flash will be streamed…

$ cd octoshape 
$ ./Octoshape client 
Status: Reading configuration 
Status: Registering plugins. 
Status: Ready to play 
Status: Playing 

Then go to the page and open one of the Videos. Here is the first semi-final, for example. The Video should start after a short wait. Please keep in mind that Adobe Flash needs to be properly in your System. Who can see on YouTube nothing, it will not work with .

Alternatively, you can get the Video directly in mplayer. The advantage lies in the fact that Adobe Flash requires the CPU powerful. The second variant is significantly resource-saving and thus also for weaker systems. Installed mplayer (via, for example. "$ sudo apt-get install mplayer" in Ubuntu) and then looks at the page. In the lower area you will find a note to Octoshape [1] as well as a command including the URL to the Video [2]. Give these easy to complete in a Terminal window. Here again the semi-finals…

$ ./Octoshape client -url:octoshape:octoshape:// 

The URL to the final on Saturday gets to her shortly before 9 o’clock in the Evening on the page, more detailed information you can get at the present time, unfortunately. I wouldn’t install through the trouble of Octoshape “properly” in the System. According to the ESC, you do not need the thing anyway.