Samsung Galaxy revisited

About a year ago, I had not provided me with the Samsung Galaxy one of the first Android phones that came from HTC. After initial enthusiasm, disillusionment was, however, pretty fast. The Galaxy has had some of the diseases that have not been solved until today by Samsung. So I was glad that O2, the mobile phone, albeit after some wrangling – due to material defects and the lack of guaranteed properties back for a full refund of the purchase price . Well, and now? Now I have a Galaxy (no, not the new Galaxy S) to submit…

So why a Samsung Galaxy i7500? The main argument is primarily the price. At a retail price of almost 500 euros I would have annoyed me beyond measure about the device, but the Galaxy has such a bad reputation that there are the device to buy, in good to best condition on Ebay, often for 100 to 120 Euro (Current auctions for Samsung Galaxy i7500, ). Only the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1) is still traded cheaper, but this unit is significantly older, has a worse Display and no memory. What is the Galaxy makes now a usable device?

8GB of internal memory

The Samsung Galaxy has an internal memory of 8GB. So a lot of have not Top even with current devices like the HTC Desire or the Nexus One. To upgrade the memory with a matching, then we obtain for little money is a device with huge storage space.

The memory is then sufficient loose for a variety of applications, music and Videos. Hacks, the outsourcing of applications to a storage card, thus the Galaxy is not necessary. The built-in memory can tolerate, then even big chunks like MapDroid with a map of Europe is loose.

Android 1.6 and a view on current Android versions

Samsung has updated the Galaxy in Germany is still to a more recent Version of Android. The Galaxy shipped with Android 1.5 and it will stay that way officially, for ever and ever. Android 1.5 is that many popular applications (painful is the Lack of the navigation solution from Google), especially for the Galaxy is not available, because many Apps want to have at least Android 1.6. We need to let time melt on your tongue: The Galaxy cost initially, 500 Euro, it is the Top device of Samsung was to this time and got it right from the start of the Samsung/O2 just tired and loveless Updates. Good customer service looks different.

But fortunately, there is a Community around the Galaxy i7500. Especially the French Hacker Drakaz makes the Galaxy. He has ported to Android 1.6 on the Galaxy and a number of improvements built in, so that Galaxo – ROM called runs considerably faster than the Samsung-supplied “original” Firmware.

I can personally recommend Galaxo for the i7500 really. A change of the Firmware is also not soooooo expensive. You only need a USB cable and a Windows machine (The Flash program Odin, there is unfortunately only for Windows). Since numerous excellent instructions I linked on to this. In the case of questions will be helped in the Forum quickly and easily.

  1. Optional, for me the Upgrade of the Basebands eliminated spontaneous reboots.
  2. Galaxo (with Android 1.6) to install… The procedure sounds complicated at first glance and time-consuming, but actually, the fix should be make within 30 minutes.
  3. Optionally, to further improve the Performance.

And also the future of Android is secured seems to be on the Galaxy. Drakaz is working on porting Android 2.2 on the Galaxy. The Firmware is called gaosp, and is currently in the Alpha Phase. The project has a few , mainly the porting of the driver for the built-in camera seem to be a problem, but the project makes from Version to Version of great advances. Drakaz has created the first Alpha of Android 2.2 on the Galaxy a Video…

What is bad?

A couple of things, unfortunately, don’t have Software Updates to solve. So the one on the right side of the mobile phones with a camera button stuck a little bit in the housing, so that you have to drag with the finger-nail””. And also the battery life does not really improve. Most of the time I can’t get more than 1.5 days of operation. However, in this disease, all Smartphones suffer from practical. Furthermore, there are almost no accessories for the device. Charging cradle, car mount,….


With the Galaxy you can get (used) a cheap Android Smartphone with some Strengths but also some weaknesses. I think that the Galaxy is suitable for all who want to jump on the Android train, without spending a lot of money.