My Links of the week (VI)

Other Blogs have the nice Tradition regularly on the left, you interested in the last time. I want to follow up also and try to regularly “mean? To present Links of the week. Thematically have to do the left-right a lot with Linux, but also politics, society or art have their place…


Thomas Apestaart: ubuntuone on Fedora… Ubuntu One will also be transferred to other distributions. In my eyes, this is a good development, because it is only when the project distribution across and even operating system operated across, it is in my eyes a real competitor to Dropbox.

… A look at Tomboy 1.1.0, and Tomboy Online to get the notes into the Web. Behind the service is under the AGPL standing Snowy.

Technology and the Internet

… As much as I like current Smartphones, many continue to have technical and conceptual problems. Artem Russakovskii summarizes, in my eyes, the issue regarding the HTC Hero.

Six Revisions: The History of The Internet in a Nutshell… a good-crafted and detailed compilation of the history of the Internet. Unfortunately, the article focuses more on the 90s and later. It is how I found it is great to see for the first time, the Trojan Room coffee pot!

… Twitter has a new headquarters. Looks cozy, but somehow this reminds me of the worst errors “Have plush offices in the most expensive part of town,” from The worst things startups do. Twitter occupies a massive money power, in spite of the millions of users just in sales per year and needs fresh money from the stock market. Probably gets?s!

engaged: Laptop reliability survey: ASUS and Toshiba win, HP fails… There was a time in which HP and IBM (now Lenovo) for high-quality Laptops. According to the report of engadget, many companies have massive quality problems. Asus I would have expected it to have the best quality standards.

What doesn’t fit in anywhere else

… Everflux reported by the official Telekom-pushers direct marketing specialists, who are former or current customer house visits. A demand on the Telecom revealed that the boys come from Ranger Marketing. A company that is known is that these home visits is also used by fraudsters as a mesh, to get into the house. What happened to the good old times, when a company has sent letters to its customers? It has the Telekom is so urgently needed?

… My girlfriend would kill for this bike, and I would help her with that ? This prototype looks for a Cruiser. The ideas are awesome, and the implementation looks to have succeeded. A pity that it will give to buy the thing.