Linux-compatible laptops from Acer for 299€ or 367,20€

At the beginning of March I had Linux with the Acer Travelmate 5735Z-452G32Mnss aka Tuxfarm Basalt IV, a very usable Notebook in the Test. The Notebook ran without problems with Ubuntu 10.10 and offered for all Desktop applications and is powerful enough. Anyone looking for a Top-model with fancy case and all kinds of odds and ends that comes with the device is certainly good. This and another Acer Travelmate Core i5, there are currently quite favorable 299? or 367,20? in the trade. Students can have the Windows license, possibly with an additional 50 euros gold plating.

In the above-mentioned, I found the Travelmate 5735Z-452G32Mnss not so bad. Of course, one gets for the price, no fancy Unibody Mac-Book with a Gorilla glass Display and 10h of runtime, but anyone looking for a cheap Second device for the Desk, does not want to be in the expense falls.

Amazon sells out of date now the sister model, the Acer TravelMate 5735Z-453G32Mns with a Mat of 15.6? Display (1366×768 resolution), Intel Pentium Dual CoreT4500@2.3 GHz, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Intel 4500M, DVD, and Home Professional for $ 299. This is around 140 Euro cheaper than currently in Tuxfarm for the device is required, and around 50 euros less than the then-effective price.

Alternatively, there are in the T-Online Shop with the Acer TravelMate 5742-453G32Mn a similarly good deal. The Notebook is equipped with a (still) current Core i5-450M (2.4 GHz), the same Display, internal Intel HM55 graphics, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB SATA disk, a fast Draft-N Wi-Fi, Gbit Lan, Webcam, etc. Otherwise, the device seems to be pretty similar to the cheaper 5735Z, so that the Hardware under Linux should make any Trouble.

Thanks to the coupon code POKER2011 (at the time of ordering in the shopping cart) to the price of 459 to 367,20 Euro press. Are currently required about 450 euros for the Notebook, the discount through the coupon code, therefore, is quite remarkable.

Students can, if necessary, the supplied Windows-licenses gold plating. Microsoft has to live with students of the program started an action, the enrolled students during the period from 11.04. and the 30.06.2011 a Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium a 50 bought? Amazon can secure a voucher. However, this offer is ONLY valid for the first 10,000 registered players. Since the promotion runs for a month, I would expect the 50? to dusting.