Hotot now displays multiple columns

On the micro-blog Client for Twitter and Identi I have Hotot here in the Forum, Yes a number of times . As before, the program is continually being developed and new Builds are distributed, without that you noticed in the last time major Changes as a user. Now there is finally something New again, which brings Hotot again a little further on TweetDeck and co. Who Twitter/ intensive uses, is not actually without a simultaneous Overview of incoming messages, Search, and Status Updates. This Feature of TweetDeck, or knows, is now in Hotot.

Currently the feature is only in the testing PPA of the main developer, you will be taken on Board, and certainly the next few days in the official package source. Anyone who is curious, and must, therefore, accept the following PPA…

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jimmyxu/hotot && sudo apt-get update 
$ sudo apt-get install hotot ## If Hotot is not yet installed 
$ sudo apt-get install upgrade ## If your Hotot only need to update

You have installed the latest Version, so it must/can’t you enable this multi-column view in the first place. You just have to drag the window from Hotot wider and other columns appear. It is the more columns are displayed, the wider you draw the window from Hotot.

Still, you can’t configure this view, unfortunately, and select what information is to be displayed in the columns. But that is still to come, the first was just the ability implemented to be able to layer multiple columns to display. All that’s missing is that you went with Hotot at the same time, in the case of multiple micro-blog Accounts could log in, then Hotot would be THE Twitter/ Client for Linux.