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Trumpet Kaefer’s Blog in a new guise

After I was for quite some time with my old Theme unfortunately, because it fit so flexible to my wishes, read, I am now on the WordPress Theme “Monochrome” migrated. I find it more elegant and clearer as the old and it is of course better to suit my needs.

What do you think? Should I leave this Theme, or you liked the old one better? About constructive criticism, I would be happy!?

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WobZIP – The online archiver

If you sit at a computer and you need to unzip a file, but just on this computer, no administrative rights, you can use WobZIP.

With WobZIP is an online service to unzip files, even passwords are not a Problem. The Service is based on the Software , for (occasional) Windows user is perhaps important that the files with a virus scanner to be scanned.
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First aid courses save lives

Last night, I’m with my girlfriend and buy some dangers halfway, I saw an accident. I stayed behind the car with hazard lights, two first responders were already in the suburbs and were already in the process to inform the ambulance, fire brigade and the police. While he received instructions from the rescue place, I controlled the vital functions of the injured.
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