VLC for Android Beta finally available

Since today, the Android App of VLC is in Beta stage on Google Play is finally available. After a short Test on a Galaxy S2 running stable, as it is reflected really in the everyday life of the “long time Test”.? Not really much for Performance, I can’t say for lack of Videos on the Smartphone.
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Tor Browser Bundle in Linux, tried

Soon the annual holiday period and the German comes back as a tour champion, it pulls back into the most remote corners of our blue planet. It is assumed that targets travel, such as the usual amenities. And now I don’t mean our Schland cherished , but our (mostly) free Internet.
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Tintii Photo Filter Selective color profess

Actually, I wanted to write this article for the magazine Linux user. I have, however, despite demand for 2 months, still no answer, whether the article for the magazine is interesting or not, I publish it here in my Blog for the General public. So everyone?

Photos are powerful programs such as Gimp are to give the certain Something to it is not always necessary.
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According Stream rip/download

Regular visitors to my blog will know, the trumpet Kaefer as an audiophile person to listen to because of the varied music online radio. And what is the First thing he does when he discovers a new one?

No, he don’t make a blog post, Radio A is superior to Radio B, but he looks at what is spit out to him the Firefox / Iceweasel add-on Video DownloadHelper. As was the case Grooveshark or Soundcloud to stream in the music with the add-on ribs.
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Hibiscus: Optical chipTAN procedure under Linux

For about a year, most of the banks on an optical chip and, for this purpose, the obsolete sm@use Google drive sync: method or, depending on the Bank’s state-of-the-TAN-sheet is abandoned. The new procedures will be introduced, as they should be according to the current state is a lot safer than the current Standards.

Each of the uses a financial management software must make no later than now, thoughts on the connection of the respective Software on the new procedure to the Bank servers.
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Xfce + AWN: A dream couple

The Avant-Window-Navigator under Xfce without Compiz.
To do this, you must activate only in Xfce’s built-in Compositor:

Application menu -> Settings (settings)-> fine tuning to the window behavior -> tab Compositor

Compositor of Xfce

Then you can start AWN via applications menu -> accessories-> Avant-Window-Navigator. He now appears at the bottom of the screen, you can configure the Dock the way you want it.
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