Link tip: a Comprehensive list with VPN providers in comparison

Who is on the search for a suitable VPN provider that has plenty of choice. Countless providers abound on the net and make comparisons between different Offered not just fall easily. Search the web à la best vpn provider to bring in a rule, as little new information as one of the top positions of these Search pages are almost always fond of lots of SEO that deliver little real arguments pro/contra the contribution referred to providers. Therefore, I find the on Reddit featured a great thing.

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Time-bomb warning in the use of Creative Commons (Skley, Schroeder, VSGE)

As I’ve written before a little more than 10 years, the first post here to the Blog, I had not a complement in the sense of the site over the years. The Blog was originally intended to be a web-based Notepad, you should maybe provide from time to time, other Linux users. In the meantime, there is Linux, and I now have nearly 1500 articles and over 20,000 comments since over a decade. In all the time I was able to avoid it so far, to trudge in one of the existing stumbling blocks in the network, but now it is happening: A warning is on my Desk and the upcoming damage is considerable.

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