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In our own case: I was ge-fefe-ed…

Sorry for the ailing website. The popular pages (Czech Republic), and have linked to me and the thousands of visitors that brings. Unfortunately, I had disabled the Caching because of a bug and the Page went in the knee… Now the Cache is on and Linux and I’m running again, more or less. It may well be that now and again, the wrong sides will be delivered by the System. But better a faulty Caching System, than no Blog.

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Advanced filter rules can be set in the settings of Gmail

I wondered just powerful that you can create within Gmail only to a very limited filter rules. The GUI offers only “From”, “to”, “subject”, or “Contains words” and “not Contains”. A little skinny for my taste, if you want to filter according to entries in the Header, or other criteria. Something hidden there are, however, powerful filtering capabilities, you just have to find it.

Created as usual with the settings of Gmails your new filter rule. Carry it in the field “Contains the words” your desired search term. You can from the pool of advanced filter rules for Gmail itself. The entry “deliveredto:” so it would select the Mails you forwarded from an address in to your Gmail Account.

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The functioning of the Fork of the Amazon-Prime-Instant-Video Addons for Kodi

In addition to local or network stored media, Kodi plays also Videos of a whole range of Video services: YouTube, the media libraries of the public-legal broadcasting network cinema and and and. In this series, the currently popular Video-on-Demand missing services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video or Watchever. These provide part of Linux-friendly HTML5 Streams, however, as before, by DRM-verdongelt and thus, only with a few browsers available. The only exception to this is Amazon Prime Instant Video. For this service, there is an unofficial Addon for Kodi which is not currently developed, however, and no longer works. A second developer has taken now, but the Addon and it was refloated.

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