Graphical network Manager in FreeBSD

I would like to make again an attempt to install FreeBSD on my Netbook or Notebook and I don’t want to build at each Access Point the connection manually, I have to a GUI for connecting to Wireless networks looking for. In a mailing list discussion on the Port of the network Manager on FreeBSD, I’m finally found.

Here is recommended.
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Anonymous searches on Google, etc.

If you want to study a bit the topic of search engines and privacy, you realize pretty quickly that for some search engines, many data are collected through a self.
This is usually used to order search hits “to be able to make better”, or simple for targeted advertising.

The Video of Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board, melt in your mouth, let you.
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My Christmas Gift

I play longer with the idea of using my computer set up with FreeBSD. Since I BSD don’t have, but in terms of *so much idea, I did me time on the search of suitable literature for FreeBSD as a desktop system. I’m Installing on the book FreeBSD, Configure, Connect, Jürgen Dankoweit encountered.
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