A network connection with the NetworkManager free

In many forums, you can find a complicated instructions an existing network connection to other computers of the LAN. Also in the Wiki ubuntuusers.de this is described in the Router similar to consuming. These instructions are technically correct and also necessary, if you want to set up a “right”, but if you just want to share quickly an existing Wi – Fi or UMTS connection with another computer, then these instructions are almost Overkill. What many do not know, NetworkManager has the ability to share a network connection, and without complex configurations.

In the Following, I’m going out of this scenario. A Laptop is connected via WLAN to the DSL Router in the next room. In addition, the Laptop another computer without Wi-Fi. This should be connected via Crossover cable to the Laptop and then the Laptop to the Internet. The necessary settings you must now be on the “Internet computer”.

The required function is implemented in NetworkManager. In current Ubuntu versions (if I will not open me astray, would Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 will be the first Version that knows these ICS feature) the settings of the network Manager, right-click on the NM Icon in the Panel and select the Option “edit Connections”.

Here you choose the network interface that is connected to the other computer. Admittedly, this is not something confusing… Depends on your so via a Laptop and wireless on the DSL Router and want to the via Crossover cable connected to the Desktop computer to the network, then you give free Wi-Fi connection of the laptop, but the wired network card. Select the IPv4 settings, the Option “shared with other computers”.

Once you have closed this Dialog with “Apply”, you can connect the Crossover cable between the Laptop and the Desktop. You have not changed the network configuration of the desktop, then this should be able to now get automatically via DHCP, the network data and the Internet.

In theory, the same approach should also be used with two Laptops, one of which is via UMTS the Internet and the other via Wi-Fi, the UMTS connection of the first Laptops used, repeat. However, in the absence of UMTS-Adapter I can’t test that.

In General, the Internet sharing via NetworkManager is well suited for a “quick” and temporary action. Your should have your own Hardware Router set up, then I would not go this way, since the NM establishes the Connections only when a user is logged in.